Friday, September 12, 2014

20 facts about me ^*^ I'm sheepuu

I have been nominated by my best best friend - Fishie to talk about the 20 facts about me and challenge accepted. Lol actually I was thinking to reject it because I don't really like to let others to know more about me, it's not that I lansi, I'm just not used to it to explore my bad sides to others hahahaha. So I just write it in my blog, I'm sure she will see it.

There you go, 20 facts of mine

1) I love Japanese foods. I'm a super fans of Japanese foods I think I can have it almost everyday and every meal. I won't get bored of it. I can't have steaks and Korea BBQ everyday but I can with Japanese foods.

2) I love to cook, and I'm learning to cook now. Like egg Benedict, tiramisu, sautéed mushroom and so on. I will master some western foods before I go on Chinese foods because personally think that western foods are much more easier to cook.

3) I super scare about ghost and zombie things. Most of my girls friend know about this, I cannot watch any haunted and scary movie, or else I couldn't sleep at night. And I will keep imagine something scary will happen on me. Lol so stupid right? But this is me. Haha

4) I'm a super impatient person, I nv line up for anything. I won't line up for long queue for a movie ticket or go for fitting room, lol I rather don buy it.

5) I love beaches, but I hate getting tanned so I never been to beach about 10 years.

6) backpack to travel around the world is my biggest dream so far.

7) I hate 'fake' person, i won't be friend with them even how good they treat me coz best friend shouldn't hide or lie anything from each other.

8) I love reading, I think those books I bought within these years can make a mini library.

9) I'm a very 毒舌 person, hmmm better don talk more about this. Only my besties know how bad am I.

10) I'm a super realistic and cold blood person, I hate those stupid romantic movies which I think it's impossible happen in reality but I would just simply get touched for small things, I believe in love I just don't believe rich and handsome Prince Charming will show up in this century. Lol so wake up girls.

11)  I hate my current job so much Becoz my colleagues them nv take lunch and nv talk to each other, arrrggg I'm so bored and I hate it.

12) I can't drink coffe and tea or else I couldn't sleep for whole night, can become zombie d

13) kinda stress when I saw some of my frien is getting married, since when I already reach can-marry- now age.

14) super lazy person, I'm a 懒惰虫 lol

15) I wan do double eye lips surgery in future, now saving money for it

16) i nv see snow before, I wish I could see it one day, especially in Christmas.

17) I'm always envy people who has nice legs and butt cz I don hv it.T-T

18) I'm always addicted with Thai movies. Hahahahha

19) I hate selfish and 善嫉 people very much.

20) I love my boy very much and he deserved it. :) he is perfect for me.

That all about me..... Finally I finished it, spent me about one week. =.=