Friday, September 12, 2014

20 facts about me ^*^ I'm sheepuu

I have been nominated by my best best friend - Fishie to talk about the 20 facts about me and challenge accepted. Lol actually I was thinking to reject it because I don't really like to let others to know more about me, it's not that I lansi, I'm just not used to it to explore my bad sides to others hahahaha. So I just write it in my blog, I'm sure she will see it.

There you go, 20 facts of mine

1) I love Japanese foods. I'm a super fans of Japanese foods I think I can have it almost everyday and every meal. I won't get bored of it. I can't have steaks and Korea BBQ everyday but I can with Japanese foods.

2) I love to cook, and I'm learning to cook now. Like egg Benedict, tiramisu, sautéed mushroom and so on. I will master some western foods before I go on Chinese foods because personally think that western foods are much more easier to cook.

3) I super scare about ghost and zombie things. Most of my girls friend know about this, I cannot watch any haunted and scary movie, or else I couldn't sleep at night. And I will keep imagine something scary will happen on me. Lol so stupid right? But this is me. Haha

4) I'm a super impatient person, I nv line up for anything. I won't line up for long queue for a movie ticket or go for fitting room, lol I rather don buy it.

5) I love beaches, but I hate getting tanned so I never been to beach about 10 years.

6) backpack to travel around the world is my biggest dream so far.

7) I hate 'fake' person, i won't be friend with them even how good they treat me coz best friend shouldn't hide or lie anything from each other.

8) I love reading, I think those books I bought within these years can make a mini library.

9) I'm a very 毒舌 person, hmmm better don talk more about this. Only my besties know how bad am I.

10) I'm a super realistic and cold blood person, I hate those stupid romantic movies which I think it's impossible happen in reality but I would just simply get touched for small things, I believe in love I just don't believe rich and handsome Prince Charming will show up in this century. Lol so wake up girls.

11)  I hate my current job so much Becoz my colleagues them nv take lunch and nv talk to each other, arrrggg I'm so bored and I hate it.

12) I can't drink coffe and tea or else I couldn't sleep for whole night, can become zombie d

13) kinda stress when I saw some of my frien is getting married, since when I already reach can-marry- now age.

14) super lazy person, I'm a 懒惰虫 lol

15) I wan do double eye lips surgery in future, now saving money for it

16) i nv see snow before, I wish I could see it one day, especially in Christmas.

17) I'm always envy people who has nice legs and butt cz I don hv it.T-T

18) I'm always addicted with Thai movies. Hahahahha

19) I hate selfish and 善嫉 people very much.

20) I love my boy very much and he deserved it. :) he is perfect for me.

That all about me..... Finally I finished it, spent me about one week. =.=

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lipsticks review (my fave)

Today I'm gonna share about my two fave lipsticks. I remember the 1st cosmetic that I bought by myself is lipstick, coz I think lipstick is sooo important to let a person to be 好气色look. So, I had tried MAC, Stilla, maybeline, 3CE, Dior, YSL, Anna Sui and so on. YSL lipstick I didn't bought it, my bestie let me used her YSL once, I felt like not bad so still considering but too bad Malaysia do not have YSL cosmetic shop.

There are some requirement when I choose lipstick,
1) colour , I love to see there are natural color or is that exactly colour that I expected on my lips when I apply it, I hate those when I apply it the color will be too heavy or no color at all or it doesn't same as the color that they show on the cover.

2)  Moisture, my lips 24hours look very pale, no colour at all ( so jealous to those who have natural pink lips, I wantttt ) and very dry too. Maybe because I always stay in air con room or so whatever, that why moisture is the most important part when I choose a lipstick. I don wan to show my crack lips to others when I'm dating or hang out, especially the crack on  lips will super obvious after apply lipstick and feel very awckful. Paishe paishe.

Da dang !!!! My two most fave lipsticks(so far) are Dior Addict lipstick and Anna Sui lipstick!!!!

The 1st one is Anna Sui bought about 1year ago and the next one is Dior (super love it)^^

 This is how the colour of  Anna Sui lipstick look like, pink orange colour, very natural and smell super good in rose!!!


This one is my recent fave lipstick, it just like lipstick plus lips balm texture, super moisture and the colour that I choose is more light and gv me nice natural look. So it is more daily use for me, no matter work or dating. Hehe forgot the price already, I think it's about RM 100++ if not mistaken! more expensive bit compare to the Anna Sui one. But I very satisfy with it so I think it's very worth for buying it. 

These two lipsticks are the best for me so far, 3CE lipstick's colour very nice but too dry for me, I cannot tahan the crack on my lips after I apply the lipstick then I will wipe it and apply again. So I think 3CE is no no for me. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thai trip day 2- foods and Curfew

After lunch and shopping time, we went to After You cafe which located in central world to take the famous Shibuya Honey Toast. Actually Jayth and I already quite full after the lunch, but we die die also must go to try it cz everyone is talking about it. Haha
Da dang!!!!!This is the Shibuya Honey toast, it looks good, smell good and taste good too!! But I'm not a toast fans so I couldn't judge weather it taste super awesome compare with others toast. But the price is ok, environment ok, food ok as well, so I think it's worth to give it a try. 

Hmmmm.... I realize that my day 2 trip is just about foods when I arranging my photos. I went to Som Tam for dinner and everyone know it is super famous restaurant which like u MUSt go list when everyone go to Bangkok. Then!!! This is my fave foods that Jayth accidentally discover it when we heading back to Siam station BTS. 

This is the baked squids that they sell in front of Siam BTS station, and it SUPER tasty and juicy, I miss it a lot, I think this is the best food I discover in this trip. But it quite expensive if not mistaken is about 100-200baht, depend on the squid size. Oh, again I'm missing it. 

This is mini sausage and inside got 冬粉,hmm sry for bad English, I really dunno what it called in 
English. Tasted very weird, bit sour. Not my fave but I saw many thai ppl bought it so I also must try, this is reason why I go for travel, try local foods. Hehe, it just located beside the tasty squid stall.

After that, we planned to go back home early to take a shower then come out to hunt for foods again, but dunno why the BTS full of people, really FULL, Jayth and me felt weird but we guess maybe we 
crash with the peak time that everyone off from work. Then we continue walk walk walk to central world and I went in to new balance shop to ask for the price, then the sale person tell us the shop is CLOSED, I was like what?r u kidding me, it just about 8 pm. Then he explained to me that, thai army is taking control of whole Thailand and they officially having curfew starting tonight. I was like super SHOCKED, I never been in curfew before ( thanks god that Im living in a peaceful country). Jayth and me were like running for our life. We rushed to Chitlom station which is nearer, we lined up and bought tic. I was so panic and wish to go back my hotel immediately, we have no idea what's going on and what will happened next. 

Finally we bought our tickets and try our best to squeeze in the BTS. The hotel we stayed was quite far from the nearest station, so we ran. Yes, we RAN. I really dunno who I passed by or what others ppl looked at us, both of us just ran, and actually I passed by few soldiers , but I was too scare I totally couldn't see them, I just know I wan to go back my hotel Immediately. Then finally we reached and I asked the hotel receptionist about the situation. The boy looked at us with the eyes sight like why both of u so nervous?? I think that time we were sweating and looked terrified. Then he said actually it very normal for thai to curfew and this news just announce on 5 pm today, everyone need to go back home before10pm Becoz curfew started from 10pm to 5am. 

So, I gained experience from this trip, yeah....I dunno it's good or bad, now throwback my memories I felt like I'm really kiasi ppl I really scare that Thai will hv war during our trip and I don't want die okay? I'm still young. But actually curfew in Thailand is not as scary as we thought. Soldiers are quite friendly, they won't really simply shoot or open fire on the street. They will protect tourist so if we lost or anything couldn't go back on time, they will just request your passport for security purpose. They won't shoot people immediately when they saw you still on street between 10pm to 5am which what I imagine the scary scenes on curfew in early stage. Thai people they are super steady, live like normal the only difference is need to get back home early. So, why am I so nervous like a siao po? Haiz 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thai trip day 2- Siam !!!!!!!!

Day 2: relaxing day~

Me and J decided this whole day is just for Siam = shopping mall day which are terminal 21, Siam paragon, central world and Siam square. We wanna go with relax way to enjoy our 2nd day.  Our 1st stop is TERMINAL 21. This is the mall that I most looking forward cz I nv been there before last time with my buddies.  When we walked to the main entrance of the mall, there have two security guard request to check out bag, is not only us they checked, they checked everyone's bag. I wondering why then we came out with the conclusion that mayb terminal 21 very high class so they scare got ppl put boom on the mall.( I know that we wee too stupid when came out this kind of conclusion)  terminal 21 has different countries theme on each every floor, got Istanbul, Japan, London, Rome, USA and so on (forgot the rest) .

Hehe, super paishe to take this pic in front a lot of people, I dunno what tower is this but personally think it's very pretty and  I tried their Starbucks also , nothing different no surprise.

Opps!!! I touched his pat pat! Haha, the floor with japan theme. 

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, the London theme floor.

The train deco at outside of the toilet, very pretty and special so we both took a selfie thr.

This one is the USA theme and I love this theme the most coz I love the San Francisco bridge which linked with two floors. And u can c there are many cars on top of the bridge, very tiny and cute. 
 Each floor has many many shops,  can buy a lot of things there if budget is enough but for me I wan something with good quality and cheaper price. They all r in good quality (better than asiatique a lot) but with much more higher price. We wanted to buy a bag cz it's super pretty and good quality but each cost us 1990 baht so ended up we didn't buy. 

Then  the next stop is central world. And again, they checked everyone bags and we feel weird, how come ya? I tot only terminal 21, what happened and then we keep guessing. Then we came out a more reasonable conclusion is mayb the Thai politic is unstable so they are more strict on the securities. We were so innocent and happy that time coz we totally hv no idea what's going to happen on the next few hours haizzzzzz........  So we going to have our lunch in central world. Forgot the restaurants name but it looked high class. 

Beer for my J and coconut is for me! And the coconut save my life from getting dehydrated under the hot sun.  After that, finally I can go buy my body lotion!!!!! This brand I know from 2years ago when I went to bkk with my two best buddies, I miss their lotion I'm so regret that I didn't buy any of them becoz out of budget( consider as no money at that time cz I spent all my money on clothes) and NOW I CAME BACK!!!!

TA DANG!!!! 

This brand is called Karmakamet!! It is the one of the motivation to let me back to bkk hahahah. I highly recommend this brand becoz all of their products are very high quality, they got sell lotions, essential oil, and etc and they moved from a small stall to a big shop in central world. Why I love it? Cz last time when I tried their lotion on my hand, I still can smell it at night before I bath even after I sweating the whole day long in chuktuchak.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thailand trip~ day one Asiatique front river^^

This was my 1st trip in oversea go tgt with Mr Jayth, waited for so long and finally we go!!! We reached Klia2 super early coz we nv been here before, so we took the chance to walk around. I love Klia2, it's big, new, many stalls, I LOVE it! It's much better than LCCT. We arrived back around 3pm and reached our hotel bout 4:30, I'm satisfied the hotel that I choose, the only thing is the hotel is quite far from the BTS, and u know bkk weather is killing me.

1st day since we don he much time, so me and J decided to go Asiatique. It got very beautiful view from the riverside at night.

Very beautiful right???? I love the views when I was sitting the boat at the river. But honestly , mayb i put toooo high expectation on this place, it turned out not as good as I expected. Asiatique has many many stalls which sell almost everything u wan, clothes, shoes, watches, restaurants, and etc but it's a bit pricy and thr got a lot of Japanese restaurants. I came to Thai not to take Japanese food ok? Me wants Thai foods!! Turn out me and J had some not so nice Thai foods in the food court.

After dinner then we went to shopping awhile, and I start getting tired. =.= I'm old already, I think. I nv get tired of shopping before!! Mayb was becoz this place is not so attractive for shopping, for me la.  The clothes' s quality is so so but they sell in higher price which around 500-650 baht.

Mr J wanted to ride on 摩天轮 before we head back to hotel, it was about 250 baht per person, quite expensive for me, however, its an experience. Not bad la can try !

So,  for me asiatique is that kind of place that I went the once and I won't go back anymore since I already how it looks like. Overall still ok but definitely is not my fave place in bkk. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sales rally performance... Dance dance dance~~

These few weeks really make me exhausted to the max , dancing practice , stress of find job, customer calls are driving me crazy, and I feel like no matter how much I sleep, I couldn't get enough.  

Finally on last sat, all these things come to the end, 1st time attended annual dinner, 1st time joining dance competition and 1st time perform in front of 3 thousands people. I actually planned to escape this competition before, tons of excuses came into my minds, my friend even help me to write a fake mc for me to help me escape from it. Not I lazy ok? I love dance and hang around with people, just I'm a super super super TIKUS people. I started insomnia when I keep thinking how horrible if I fall on the stage while performing and 3k people are looking at me.

But becoz of my TIKUS, I joined it at last coz the other side I worried that if I quit half, my boss will be in trouble cz he is the organisor  and I knew he stressed of this competition due to last year our center was the CHAMPION.

Okay! I JOINED, and it was super EXHAUSTED. I can't describe how tired am I when almost everyday after work I had to dance until like 10pm and I even haven't take my dinner yet.

On 21/6/14, me and my boy woke up on 5am and reached Sunway on 6:30am, they started the boring speech on 7 something in front of the stage , and we were super high at behind. This is what we did when CFO gave speech

After that, I fall asleep when it's breakout section, omfg!! I really cannot tahan, and the dudes in front of me tried to snap my ugly sleeping face. =~= I'm not the only one who fall asleep ok? What can I do when I'm super sleepy plus hungry but the Head is reporting the sales figures? Cannot eat then sleep lo. 

Then about 6 pm, I'm a ZOMBIE. I mean my dance theme was zombie and my make up was zombie but my mind and body also act like zombie already, I had not enough sleep and I didn't eat much from morning until night. Those people in the dinner hall sure die if I'm really a zombie cz I super duper hungry to the max and I started nervous cz going to perform soon. 

You can see the difference of before and after the performing, everyone is nervous and serious before the performance and after this .............everyone gone crazy , hahahahhahahahah.

And what make me proud is we got the 2nd place!!!!!! I'm so proud to make this happen with my colleagues and friends. I have no regret to join it T~T and I'm soooo happy to know them through this performance. This is One of the best thing in my life. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

My diet plan one: Salads

I super hate eat vege!! I really hate eat vege seriously, no matter taste how nice is the vege , how super good skills the chief has, I HATE vege. It's not healthy I know but I feel like anyone I'm still so young, not need care bout health, young is the "principal value" that I have now, scare what la.

But!! Recently I love to eat salads a lot, I would like to try some salads when I go to some cafés, Cz I'm getting fat. =.= the reality is cruel, when I reach 24 I started to realize I hard to slim down, cz of greeting old? wtf I hope I can denied it but this is the FACT!!!

Back to the point, anyway I TRYING MY BEST to fall in love with vege, so I start up with trying to eat salads. I tried smoked chicken salad from Coffeea coffee, potato salad from a cafe in taman desa ( dunno what's the name already) , avocado chicken bla bla bla salad from The Bees, and smoked salmon salad.

So far these are all that I have tried and I love the avocado chicken salad the most!!

(Avocado chicken salad) 

( potato salad)

( smoked chicken salad)

( smoked salmon salad)