Friday, August 30, 2013

Mr and Ms cafe

I just went to Mr and Ms Cafe today with my babe Jayth which located in Ara Damansara, Oasis square, feel so excited when we were heading there, coz I always wanted to go there and finally!! Here we are!! The buildings there are very unique and pretty which surprised me very much, I like the environment and not hard to find parking! this is better than Bangsar area hahahaha.

Back to the topic, the environment of the cafe is very comfy and relax. The decoration is very simple, unique and comfort too. And I found out that the price is out of my expectation, I thought their foods might be very expensive but actually is quite reasonable for me. My babe and I had ordered one smoked salmon with scramble egg, pancake, hot mocha and hot chocolate ( my babe wasn't hungry that time so we just ordered few).

The on top are smoke salmon with scramble egg and bottom is oat bread and it is quite small portion. ( I super love it maybe because I love smoke salmon and egg a lot hahahaha) 

This pancake looks like very small portion, but this pancake make me super FULL, although I just had few bites.


Cute art on hot chocolate and hot mocha.

And this is our photo!!!!! Hahaha happy girl is happy today~ overall the food, environment and price of Mr & Ms Cafe is good. The food price is around rm 15-25, drinks is around rm 7-10. Not bad~ not bad~

Thursday, August 29, 2013


今天突然间很想看回这个节目,以前看过了,我记得当时曾被这个节目震撼和感动过。<<走过烽火大地>> 是讲述中东国家的人民如何在战乱和情势紧张的环境下生活。个人觉得这个节目非常有意义,而且可以让人反省和沉思。


为什么我会看回这个节目?我想最大的原因是最近的生活过的不太如意,好难找到工作,压力很大。我希望我可以多怀着珍惜的心情,多多加油,不要抱怨。人真是太脆落和健忘了,所以要常提醒自己, 我比起很多人们算是幸运了。我希望大家平安健康,世界和平!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Burger is love

I was wondering when do I fall in love with burger, I'm not indeed. I'm not really into burger since I was young (except McD, lol who can resist mcd?), i know burger is nice and delicious but I just think that it's too big portion for me especially it serves with drink and fries in one set. I can finished McD one, but if the size come with Carl's junior type then I can't help on it. I only able can finish half of it in regular size, and the fries definitely wasted. Maybe this is why western ppl or guys love burger, they are able to finish it and feel satisfy. (I guess)

However, maybe is a curse?( sweet curse??) my boy super love burger T-T how come??!! Because of him, I really had most of the burgers in my lifetime. Fat boy, burger hug, even in Kimgary ( can u imagine that? kimgary?) and my most fave Burger Lab.  I went Burger lab once and just now I went there again!!just because I saw they updated their instragram about they are launching new flavor burger and the photo is really tempted me.

 Burger lab is famous enough for now, always full of ppl, we took bout 40 minutes to take order and find seats for today. We ordered two sets ( quite regret coz I was not able to finish my fries again) , one is Sloppy Bella and the new launching Popeye the Sailorman. I took Sloppy Bella and my boy had Popeye the Sailorman. They are soooo delicious!!! Omg, first time I able to finish this portion of burger, cz its sooooooo delicious. Sloppy Bella is chicken with fried mushroom and Popeye burger is added spinach and egg yolk in center. Both also nice but if someone like me, definitely I would choose Sloppy Bella, reason? Coz I don't like vege :-/

The upper one is Sloppy Bella and bottom one is Popeye the Sailorman.

The inner look of the Popeye the Sailorman. (Photo taken from burgerlab Instagram)

The price for two sets is rm 43. If not mistaken ala carte should be rm 15-16 each. Quite affordable and reasonable for me but next time I won't order set anymore coz I don't wan to waste the fries. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

3CE Lip Lacquer

Today I gonna blog about the 3CE lip lacquer, I bought 3 colors in total. My friend said the 3ce shop in Korea is full of foreigner especially Malaysian. Hahaha, mayb is the blogger effect? Janechuck, bobo them are all using it. Honestly the 1st time I know about 3ce is from a blogger which is bobo and I really love the colours. So, I'm gonna give it a try to ask my girl bought it from Korea.

The three colours that I bought for myself are Backstage, Super Carol and Bon Bon. Their price is about RM 60.00 each.
Here is the close up pic. 

I applied Super carol and Backstage on last week and I super satisfy with the colour. 非常的显色, 而且颜色会变成雾色当我用手指晕开. ( Sry for my poor english) Plus I can get different effects when I apply it with different layers. But have to beware of one thing is personally think its quite dry on my lips after I applied it with longer time. And i really don like the 'dry' lips feeling, So what I would do is I will apply lip balm before I apply the lip lacquer like before 1-2 hours to make sure my lip won't get dry or crack. It will be a disaster if ur lip crack with lip lacquer cz it will show up obviously. Overall I really satisfy with it so I think I will use it before I can get a better one. Hehe.

Here are my lips photo after I applied 1)Super Coral and 2)Backstage. The colours not very obvious cz I took the photo under yellow light and also I just applied one layer. 

Sushi fever

I am a sushi fever, I really love sushi very much, ummm can say is that I love foods very much, is not only sushi. But sushi is my all time fave since I was in high school. I think the main reason that I love it so much might be I love seafoods and rice. Haha... Urrgg hmmm .. Yea I admitted that I love to eat rice, at least one of my meal per day. And one sushi meal can satisfy me with my needs and desire of everyday.

When I was in college sushi zanmei is my 1st choice when my girls asked me to think where we are going to have our lunch. I'm glad that my girls love sushi too so we never feel bored about it Hahahaha. And mayb Taylor's university is just so nearby Sunway Pyramid and they have plenty of sushi restaurants such as saeke sushi, Zen sushi, zanmei sushi, and sushi king as well but I still love Zanmei the most.

Here are some photos before I still haven't lose my mind. Hahaha

Sry for didnt have any 'special' sushi set photo coz my hands and mouth always faster than the mind I remember that i have to take photo especially when i saw really pretty, special and delicious sushi set. So ....... my fault. My boys always said me that I always craving for sushi ( he is not sushi fan before, not even now also) but he still will bring me to go cause he knows that I love it. You are the best for me.

Monday, August 12, 2013

3ce and my fave brownies from Market O Korea

Today rushed to mid valley with my boy with excited feeling, Yeeni just back from Korea along with my 3ce products and my fave brownies!!!!! Even it had to sacrifice the time watching LCW vs Lin Dan's match tonight. Feel sorry to my boy coz he force to skip the match but I just really can't wait to get it. ( I'm inpatient, I know)  anyway will watch the match with him from Internet.

I totally bought 3 lip lacquers , which are backstage, super coral and Bon Bon. I'm very satisfy with the colors, although haven't really apply on my lips yet. Hehe will try it on tml.

And I chat with Yeeni a lot too, work issues, friends, family etc. kinda stress recently, always insomnia. But I'm big big girl now just learn how to deal with it. Cheer :-) don't wanna talk bout it in the middle of night, or else I couldn't sleep well tonight. 


Strong strong sheepuu

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bf / Gf = problems

How long have we been together? Almost 10 months. In this 10 months, I have tasted sour, bitter, joy, happiness ....finally I can know the feeling to have a bf. and this has made me changed a lot too, to become a person , a girl that I never know myself.

I was a independent, strong, confident girl until I met him. He always take care of me, bring to wherever I want to go, buy me my fave foods, shopping together with me, help me settle all my things. At last, I became who am I now. A lazy and fat girl. Most important is I started feel like I can't live without him. Unbelievable, just 10 months and hell I changed this much.

There are problem comes in when the relationship goes longer. Today I start questioning myself, am I too reliable on him? So that he's starting to inpatient on me, rather stay at home than come to see me? Or am I too over reacted? Greedy? Am I losing myself?

................brain progressing............. $$&@@!?!$@"!&!?!@...........


What's the problem Sharon? U just need to be who you are! It's time to pick myself up!!!!! No lost! No pain! No gain! Always love yourself


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greeting from my bestie

Time flies, I couldn't believe two of my besties are almost left Malaysia around 1 year, really missing them much. I really hope that I can meet them ASAP to share what happened between us around this 1 year, what they experienced in Korea and England ( ummm...can say consider whole Europe)😛.

Is this my fate? Most of my buddies already move out of Malaysia . I really feel lost and panic when I knew it at the moment😭but god isn't that bad right, I met him.😳 I feel that I'm the luckiest one to have him.

But BF isn't same as best friends, I still need my girl a lot , I wish to gossip with them, chill with them, laugh with them. Gosh, I really miss my secondary and uni time!!! Can I go back? Apparently not.... 

Hmm..hmm.. But nvm !!!! Two of them 8 po are coming back!!! Wakakak and I received the post card from my dear lok2!! She went to santorini, I wish I can be there too 😱, it's my dream place to travel!!!