Monday, August 12, 2013

3ce and my fave brownies from Market O Korea

Today rushed to mid valley with my boy with excited feeling, Yeeni just back from Korea along with my 3ce products and my fave brownies!!!!! Even it had to sacrifice the time watching LCW vs Lin Dan's match tonight. Feel sorry to my boy coz he force to skip the match but I just really can't wait to get it. ( I'm inpatient, I know)  anyway will watch the match with him from Internet.

I totally bought 3 lip lacquers , which are backstage, super coral and Bon Bon. I'm very satisfy with the colors, although haven't really apply on my lips yet. Hehe will try it on tml.

And I chat with Yeeni a lot too, work issues, friends, family etc. kinda stress recently, always insomnia. But I'm big big girl now just learn how to deal with it. Cheer :-) don't wanna talk bout it in the middle of night, or else I couldn't sleep well tonight. 


Strong strong sheepuu