Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sushi fever

I am a sushi fever, I really love sushi very much, ummm can say is that I love foods very much, is not only sushi. But sushi is my all time fave since I was in high school. I think the main reason that I love it so much might be I love seafoods and rice. Haha... Urrgg hmmm .. Yea I admitted that I love to eat rice, at least one of my meal per day. And one sushi meal can satisfy me with my needs and desire of everyday.

When I was in college sushi zanmei is my 1st choice when my girls asked me to think where we are going to have our lunch. I'm glad that my girls love sushi too so we never feel bored about it Hahahaha. And mayb Taylor's university is just so nearby Sunway Pyramid and they have plenty of sushi restaurants such as saeke sushi, Zen sushi, zanmei sushi, and sushi king as well but I still love Zanmei the most.

Here are some photos before I still haven't lose my mind. Hahaha

Sry for didnt have any 'special' sushi set photo coz my hands and mouth always faster than the mind I remember that i have to take photo especially when i saw really pretty, special and delicious sushi set. So ....... my fault. My boys always said me that I always craving for sushi ( he is not sushi fan before, not even now also) but he still will bring me to go cause he knows that I love it. You are the best for me.