Thursday, August 22, 2013

3CE Lip Lacquer

Today I gonna blog about the 3CE lip lacquer, I bought 3 colors in total. My friend said the 3ce shop in Korea is full of foreigner especially Malaysian. Hahaha, mayb is the blogger effect? Janechuck, bobo them are all using it. Honestly the 1st time I know about 3ce is from a blogger which is bobo and I really love the colours. So, I'm gonna give it a try to ask my girl bought it from Korea.

The three colours that I bought for myself are Backstage, Super Carol and Bon Bon. Their price is about RM 60.00 each.
Here is the close up pic. 

I applied Super carol and Backstage on last week and I super satisfy with the colour. 非常的显色, 而且颜色会变成雾色当我用手指晕开. ( Sry for my poor english) Plus I can get different effects when I apply it with different layers. But have to beware of one thing is personally think its quite dry on my lips after I applied it with longer time. And i really don like the 'dry' lips feeling, So what I would do is I will apply lip balm before I apply the lip lacquer like before 1-2 hours to make sure my lip won't get dry or crack. It will be a disaster if ur lip crack with lip lacquer cz it will show up obviously. Overall I really satisfy with it so I think I will use it before I can get a better one. Hehe.

Here are my lips photo after I applied 1)Super Coral and 2)Backstage. The colours not very obvious cz I took the photo under yellow light and also I just applied one layer.