Saturday, August 24, 2013

Burger is love

I was wondering when do I fall in love with burger, I'm not indeed. I'm not really into burger since I was young (except McD, lol who can resist mcd?), i know burger is nice and delicious but I just think that it's too big portion for me especially it serves with drink and fries in one set. I can finished McD one, but if the size come with Carl's junior type then I can't help on it. I only able can finish half of it in regular size, and the fries definitely wasted. Maybe this is why western ppl or guys love burger, they are able to finish it and feel satisfy. (I guess)

However, maybe is a curse?( sweet curse??) my boy super love burger T-T how come??!! Because of him, I really had most of the burgers in my lifetime. Fat boy, burger hug, even in Kimgary ( can u imagine that? kimgary?) and my most fave Burger Lab.  I went Burger lab once and just now I went there again!!just because I saw they updated their instragram about they are launching new flavor burger and the photo is really tempted me.

 Burger lab is famous enough for now, always full of ppl, we took bout 40 minutes to take order and find seats for today. We ordered two sets ( quite regret coz I was not able to finish my fries again) , one is Sloppy Bella and the new launching Popeye the Sailorman. I took Sloppy Bella and my boy had Popeye the Sailorman. They are soooo delicious!!! Omg, first time I able to finish this portion of burger, cz its sooooooo delicious. Sloppy Bella is chicken with fried mushroom and Popeye burger is added spinach and egg yolk in center. Both also nice but if someone like me, definitely I would choose Sloppy Bella, reason? Coz I don't like vege :-/

The upper one is Sloppy Bella and bottom one is Popeye the Sailorman.

The inner look of the Popeye the Sailorman. (Photo taken from burgerlab Instagram)

The price for two sets is rm 43. If not mistaken ala carte should be rm 15-16 each. Quite affordable and reasonable for me but next time I won't order set anymore coz I don't wan to waste the fries.