Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bf / Gf = problems

How long have we been together? Almost 10 months. In this 10 months, I have tasted sour, bitter, joy, happiness ....finally I can know the feeling to have a bf. and this has made me changed a lot too, to become a person , a girl that I never know myself.

I was a independent, strong, confident girl until I met him. He always take care of me, bring to wherever I want to go, buy me my fave foods, shopping together with me, help me settle all my things. At last, I became who am I now. A lazy and fat girl. Most important is I started feel like I can't live without him. Unbelievable, just 10 months and hell I changed this much.

There are problem comes in when the relationship goes longer. Today I start questioning myself, am I too reliable on him? So that he's starting to inpatient on me, rather stay at home than come to see me? Or am I too over reacted? Greedy? Am I losing myself?

................brain progressing............. $$&@@!?!$@"!&!?!@...........


What's the problem Sharon? U just need to be who you are! It's time to pick myself up!!!!! No lost! No pain! No gain! Always love yourself