Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greeting from my bestie

Time flies, I couldn't believe two of my besties are almost left Malaysia around 1 year, really missing them much. I really hope that I can meet them ASAP to share what happened between us around this 1 year, what they experienced in Korea and England ( ummm...can say consider whole Europe)😛.

Is this my fate? Most of my buddies already move out of Malaysia . I really feel lost and panic when I knew it at the moment😭but god isn't that bad right, I met him.😳 I feel that I'm the luckiest one to have him.

But BF isn't same as best friends, I still need my girl a lot , I wish to gossip with them, chill with them, laugh with them. Gosh, I really miss my secondary and uni time!!! Can I go back? Apparently not.... 

Hmm..hmm.. But nvm !!!! Two of them 8 po are coming back!!! Wakakak and I received the post card from my dear lok2!! She went to santorini, I wish I can be there too 😱, it's my dream place to travel!!!