Friday, August 30, 2013

Mr and Ms cafe

I just went to Mr and Ms Cafe today with my babe Jayth which located in Ara Damansara, Oasis square, feel so excited when we were heading there, coz I always wanted to go there and finally!! Here we are!! The buildings there are very unique and pretty which surprised me very much, I like the environment and not hard to find parking! this is better than Bangsar area hahahaha.

Back to the topic, the environment of the cafe is very comfy and relax. The decoration is very simple, unique and comfort too. And I found out that the price is out of my expectation, I thought their foods might be very expensive but actually is quite reasonable for me. My babe and I had ordered one smoked salmon with scramble egg, pancake, hot mocha and hot chocolate ( my babe wasn't hungry that time so we just ordered few).

The on top are smoke salmon with scramble egg and bottom is oat bread and it is quite small portion. ( I super love it maybe because I love smoke salmon and egg a lot hahahaha) 

This pancake looks like very small portion, but this pancake make me super FULL, although I just had few bites.


Cute art on hot chocolate and hot mocha.

And this is our photo!!!!! Hahaha happy girl is happy today~ overall the food, environment and price of Mr & Ms Cafe is good. The food price is around rm 15-25, drinks is around rm 7-10. Not bad~ not bad~

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