Sunday, September 1, 2013

Firework night~

31/8 is Malaysia national day and actually I didn't plan for any outing or celebration. So I just went to cyberjaya Starbucks or Mc Cafe to study my CFA( so difficult and so shit I haven't start to memorize things yet). Then my babe said: since we are going to cyberjaya why don't we ask loon out? Then I feel like ok just called loon and we head to Starbucks, cyberjaya.

I am Starbucks fans, I love it because I love the environment, the music and songs that they played. So relax and enjoyable, therefore i spent my 50% of my nightmare-uni assignment and revision time in Starbucks during my Uni life because I hope that the nice songs, delicious cakes and coffee can reduce my stress. 

both of my fat feet on the table ( is not good, I know) but who cares, I wan relax!!!!!!!

This are loon and my babe, they are so excited and serious talking about loon watched the live merdeka Malaysia firework in Putrajaya on yesterday night. But we can watch it from Cyberjaya cz the firework is very big and nice.

Actually the firework is not only celebrate Malaysia national day but also is a competition!! I totally don't know about this( bad promotion huh). Yesterday was Malaysia and today night China's turn. There are six counties participating in this competition, this week are Malaysia and china, next week will be Korea and France. I really looked forward for china team because firework is one of the China's greatest invent. Really can't miss it. 

But I really MISSED it!!!my gosh. Coz we thought it should be start on 12am mid night just like yesterday but it started on 10 pm for today! Feel like want to bang on the wall T^T we didn't do any research on it. We just able to watch the last 3 minutes of the firework, haiz better than nothing right? They always say the last part is the best, so we are consider lucky coz we able to watch the best part of it. Hahahahaha. 

Here is the video, hehe pls ignore our excited voices cz it was really beautiful !!! We love it so much~

P/s: sry I just can share the link coz I don't know how to upload the video here from YouTube.