Friday, September 6, 2013

Nike yoga mat

People who know me will super shock when they heard that I said I bought a yoga mat and plus obsessing on jogging because all my besties know I hate sport!!! Yea, they are right, I don't like to workout, do any exercise, or any activities that makes me sweat! You know, I'm just an 'otaku' means I only love to stay at home, watch animation, listen songs, reading and Fb. Shopping and eat are the two main reasons that I walk out from my home except working of course.

Then why I suddenly obsessing on jogging and bought a yoga mat? One simple reason..... I am gaining weight since I started working coz I met my babe there. You know, working means sit in the office from 9-6pm, plus got bf already then I got more chances to eat more and more nice foods. And im not young like 18/19 girl anymore, now super easy gain fat. (getting old, i know T^T) When I say babe I'm hungry.. Or babe my mouth itchy I want eat something, then he will bring me to cafe to eat dessert or something that I really love but super high calories! He is the bad one! T^T

So I bought a Nike yoga mat, spent me some time to find it cause everywhere out of stock, finally able to get one in Sunway Pyramid Nike outlet.

Here is the full set of the yoga mat and it costed me around RM139.00 urggg hmmm I will try my best to fully 'utilize' it ( hope I can do it, I'm a lazy cat). It's useful when I don't wan go out jogging because of the weather might be too hot or raining day. (In Malaysia there would only be toooooo hot but not cold), so that I can use it to do some yoga exercises inside my house. Pls let me lose some weight.