Sunday, September 8, 2013

Klang new Boston restaurant

Hi all, I'm Jayth (her boy ^.^) my gal super addicted on blogging recently so took my ipad for more than one month the consequence to get it back is need to update her blog on behalf of her(~.~!!!) but is ok I will try my best to write. ( sorry for my bad writing skill)

Boston is a local, famous, and crowded restaurant located in Klang. The average waiting time normally took at least one and a half to two hours to get your dishes ( unless u reached there at the time they started business) Actually my gal had recommend it to me many times and keep describing how delicious is it. FINALLY! We were there!!! But not as crowded as what my gal described to me, I think is bcoz of raining day so if u want to see the true face (crowd) u can choose a good weather then u may realize the powerful of that restaurant ^o^

This is the restaurant ( we forgot to capture the restaurant so steal it from google, sorry for that)

I was stunned for a second when I tasted this and a P/S from my mind: WTH! Is this really noodle?? Bcoz I feel like I am chewing a gum, this is so so so special but taste good! 

This called 虾膏, my most favorite among all the dishes we ordered. This is crispy and not oily. Strongly recommend u to try!!!

This is 上汤啦啦, one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant and also my gal's favorite. The soup is smooth, strong and spicy ( a bit too spicy for me ) and the clams are fresh. This will make your day if u are a spicy lover.

This is the ordered list which wrote by the boss, hahahahha, can you all actually read  it, it doesn't llookedlike English, Chinese or Malay.