Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thai trip day 2- Siam !!!!!!!!

Day 2: relaxing day~

Me and J decided this whole day is just for Siam = shopping mall day which are terminal 21, Siam paragon, central world and Siam square. We wanna go with relax way to enjoy our 2nd day.  Our 1st stop is TERMINAL 21. This is the mall that I most looking forward cz I nv been there before last time with my buddies.  When we walked to the main entrance of the mall, there have two security guard request to check out bag, is not only us they checked, they checked everyone's bag. I wondering why then we came out with the conclusion that mayb terminal 21 very high class so they scare got ppl put boom on the mall.( I know that we wee too stupid when came out this kind of conclusion)  terminal 21 has different countries theme on each every floor, got Istanbul, Japan, London, Rome, USA and so on (forgot the rest) .

Hehe, super paishe to take this pic in front a lot of people, I dunno what tower is this but personally think it's very pretty and  I tried their Starbucks also , nothing different no surprise.

Opps!!! I touched his pat pat! Haha, the floor with japan theme. 

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, the London theme floor.

The train deco at outside of the toilet, very pretty and special so we both took a selfie thr.

This one is the USA theme and I love this theme the most coz I love the San Francisco bridge which linked with two floors. And u can c there are many cars on top of the bridge, very tiny and cute. 
 Each floor has many many shops,  can buy a lot of things there if budget is enough but for me I wan something with good quality and cheaper price. They all r in good quality (better than asiatique a lot) but with much more higher price. We wanted to buy a bag cz it's super pretty and good quality but each cost us 1990 baht so ended up we didn't buy. 

Then  the next stop is central world. And again, they checked everyone bags and we feel weird, how come ya? I tot only terminal 21, what happened and then we keep guessing. Then we came out a more reasonable conclusion is mayb the Thai politic is unstable so they are more strict on the securities. We were so innocent and happy that time coz we totally hv no idea what's going to happen on the next few hours haizzzzzz........  So we going to have our lunch in central world. Forgot the restaurants name but it looked high class. 

Beer for my J and coconut is for me! And the coconut save my life from getting dehydrated under the hot sun.  After that, finally I can go buy my body lotion!!!!! This brand I know from 2years ago when I went to bkk with my two best buddies, I miss their lotion I'm so regret that I didn't buy any of them becoz out of budget( consider as no money at that time cz I spent all my money on clothes) and NOW I CAME BACK!!!!

TA DANG!!!! 

This brand is called Karmakamet!! It is the one of the motivation to let me back to bkk hahahah. I highly recommend this brand becoz all of their products are very high quality, they got sell lotions, essential oil, and etc and they moved from a small stall to a big shop in central world. Why I love it? Cz last time when I tried their lotion on my hand, I still can smell it at night before I bath even after I sweating the whole day long in chuktuchak.


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