Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thai trip day 2- foods and Curfew

After lunch and shopping time, we went to After You cafe which located in central world to take the famous Shibuya Honey Toast. Actually Jayth and I already quite full after the lunch, but we die die also must go to try it cz everyone is talking about it. Haha
Da dang!!!!!This is the Shibuya Honey toast, it looks good, smell good and taste good too!! But I'm not a toast fans so I couldn't judge weather it taste super awesome compare with others toast. But the price is ok, environment ok, food ok as well, so I think it's worth to give it a try. 

Hmmmm.... I realize that my day 2 trip is just about foods when I arranging my photos. I went to Som Tam for dinner and everyone know it is super famous restaurant which like u MUSt go list when everyone go to Bangkok. Then!!! This is my fave foods that Jayth accidentally discover it when we heading back to Siam station BTS. 

This is the baked squids that they sell in front of Siam BTS station, and it SUPER tasty and juicy, I miss it a lot, I think this is the best food I discover in this trip. But it quite expensive if not mistaken is about 100-200baht, depend on the squid size. Oh, again I'm missing it. 

This is mini sausage and inside got 冬粉,hmm sry for bad English, I really dunno what it called in 
English. Tasted very weird, bit sour. Not my fave but I saw many thai ppl bought it so I also must try, this is reason why I go for travel, try local foods. Hehe, it just located beside the tasty squid stall.

After that, we planned to go back home early to take a shower then come out to hunt for foods again, but dunno why the BTS full of people, really FULL, Jayth and me felt weird but we guess maybe we 
crash with the peak time that everyone off from work. Then we continue walk walk walk to central world and I went in to new balance shop to ask for the price, then the sale person tell us the shop is CLOSED, I was like what?r u kidding me, it just about 8 pm. Then he explained to me that, thai army is taking control of whole Thailand and they officially having curfew starting tonight. I was like super SHOCKED, I never been in curfew before ( thanks god that Im living in a peaceful country). Jayth and me were like running for our life. We rushed to Chitlom station which is nearer, we lined up and bought tic. I was so panic and wish to go back my hotel immediately, we have no idea what's going on and what will happened next. 

Finally we bought our tickets and try our best to squeeze in the BTS. The hotel we stayed was quite far from the nearest station, so we ran. Yes, we RAN. I really dunno who I passed by or what others ppl looked at us, both of us just ran, and actually I passed by few soldiers , but I was too scare I totally couldn't see them, I just know I wan to go back my hotel Immediately. Then finally we reached and I asked the hotel receptionist about the situation. The boy looked at us with the eyes sight like why both of u so nervous?? I think that time we were sweating and looked terrified. Then he said actually it very normal for thai to curfew and this news just announce on 5 pm today, everyone need to go back home before10pm Becoz curfew started from 10pm to 5am. 

So, I gained experience from this trip, yeah....I dunno it's good or bad, now throwback my memories I felt like I'm really kiasi ppl I really scare that Thai will hv war during our trip and I don't want die okay? I'm still young. But actually curfew in Thailand is not as scary as we thought. Soldiers are quite friendly, they won't really simply shoot or open fire on the street. They will protect tourist so if we lost or anything couldn't go back on time, they will just request your passport for security purpose. They won't shoot people immediately when they saw you still on street between 10pm to 5am which what I imagine the scary scenes on curfew in early stage. Thai people they are super steady, live like normal the only difference is need to get back home early. So, why am I so nervous like a siao po? Haiz 

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