Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lipsticks review (my fave)

Today I'm gonna share about my two fave lipsticks. I remember the 1st cosmetic that I bought by myself is lipstick, coz I think lipstick is sooo important to let a person to be 好气色look. So, I had tried MAC, Stilla, maybeline, 3CE, Dior, YSL, Anna Sui and so on. YSL lipstick I didn't bought it, my bestie let me used her YSL once, I felt like not bad so still considering but too bad Malaysia do not have YSL cosmetic shop.

There are some requirement when I choose lipstick,
1) colour , I love to see there are natural color or is that exactly colour that I expected on my lips when I apply it, I hate those when I apply it the color will be too heavy or no color at all or it doesn't same as the color that they show on the cover.

2)  Moisture, my lips 24hours look very pale, no colour at all ( so jealous to those who have natural pink lips, I wantttt ) and very dry too. Maybe because I always stay in air con room or so whatever, that why moisture is the most important part when I choose a lipstick. I don wan to show my crack lips to others when I'm dating or hang out, especially the crack on  lips will super obvious after apply lipstick and feel very awckful. Paishe paishe.

Da dang !!!! My two most fave lipsticks(so far) are Dior Addict lipstick and Anna Sui lipstick!!!!

The 1st one is Anna Sui bought about 1year ago and the next one is Dior (super love it)^^

 This is how the colour of  Anna Sui lipstick look like, pink orange colour, very natural and smell super good in rose!!!


This one is my recent fave lipstick, it just like lipstick plus lips balm texture, super moisture and the colour that I choose is more light and gv me nice natural look. So it is more daily use for me, no matter work or dating. Hehe forgot the price already, I think it's about RM 100++ if not mistaken! more expensive bit compare to the Anna Sui one. But I very satisfy with it so I think it's very worth for buying it. 

These two lipsticks are the best for me so far, 3CE lipstick's colour very nice but too dry for me, I cannot tahan the crack on my lips after I apply the lipstick then I will wipe it and apply again. So I think 3CE is no no for me. 

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