Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thailand trip~ day one Asiatique front river^^

This was my 1st trip in oversea go tgt with Mr Jayth, waited for so long and finally we go!!! We reached Klia2 super early coz we nv been here before, so we took the chance to walk around. I love Klia2, it's big, new, many stalls, I LOVE it! It's much better than LCCT. We arrived back around 3pm and reached our hotel bout 4:30, I'm satisfied the hotel that I choose, the only thing is the hotel is quite far from the BTS, and u know bkk weather is killing me.

1st day since we don he much time, so me and J decided to go Asiatique. It got very beautiful view from the riverside at night.

Very beautiful right???? I love the views when I was sitting the boat at the river. But honestly , mayb i put toooo high expectation on this place, it turned out not as good as I expected. Asiatique has many many stalls which sell almost everything u wan, clothes, shoes, watches, restaurants, and etc but it's a bit pricy and thr got a lot of Japanese restaurants. I came to Thai not to take Japanese food ok? Me wants Thai foods!! Turn out me and J had some not so nice Thai foods in the food court.

After dinner then we went to shopping awhile, and I start getting tired. =.= I'm old already, I think. I nv get tired of shopping before!! Mayb was becoz this place is not so attractive for shopping, for me la.  The clothes' s quality is so so but they sell in higher price which around 500-650 baht.

Mr J wanted to ride on 摩天轮 before we head back to hotel, it was about 250 baht per person, quite expensive for me, however, its an experience. Not bad la can try !

So,  for me asiatique is that kind of place that I went the once and I won't go back anymore since I already how it looks like. Overall still ok but definitely is not my fave place in bkk. 

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