Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sales rally performance... Dance dance dance~~

These few weeks really make me exhausted to the max , dancing practice , stress of find job, customer calls are driving me crazy, and I feel like no matter how much I sleep, I couldn't get enough.  

Finally on last sat, all these things come to the end, 1st time attended annual dinner, 1st time joining dance competition and 1st time perform in front of 3 thousands people. I actually planned to escape this competition before, tons of excuses came into my minds, my friend even help me to write a fake mc for me to help me escape from it. Not I lazy ok? I love dance and hang around with people, just I'm a super super super TIKUS people. I started insomnia when I keep thinking how horrible if I fall on the stage while performing and 3k people are looking at me.

But becoz of my TIKUS, I joined it at last coz the other side I worried that if I quit half, my boss will be in trouble cz he is the organisor  and I knew he stressed of this competition due to last year our center was the CHAMPION.

Okay! I JOINED, and it was super EXHAUSTED. I can't describe how tired am I when almost everyday after work I had to dance until like 10pm and I even haven't take my dinner yet.

On 21/6/14, me and my boy woke up on 5am and reached Sunway on 6:30am, they started the boring speech on 7 something in front of the stage , and we were super high at behind. This is what we did when CFO gave speech

After that, I fall asleep when it's breakout section, omfg!! I really cannot tahan, and the dudes in front of me tried to snap my ugly sleeping face. =~= I'm not the only one who fall asleep ok? What can I do when I'm super sleepy plus hungry but the Head is reporting the sales figures? Cannot eat then sleep lo. 

Then about 6 pm, I'm a ZOMBIE. I mean my dance theme was zombie and my make up was zombie but my mind and body also act like zombie already, I had not enough sleep and I didn't eat much from morning until night. Those people in the dinner hall sure die if I'm really a zombie cz I super duper hungry to the max and I started nervous cz going to perform soon. 

You can see the difference of before and after the performing, everyone is nervous and serious before the performance and after this .............everyone gone crazy , hahahahhahahahah.

And what make me proud is we got the 2nd place!!!!!! I'm so proud to make this happen with my colleagues and friends. I have no regret to join it T~T and I'm soooo happy to know them through this performance. This is One of the best thing in my life. 

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