Monday, March 10, 2014

My diet plan one: Salads

I super hate eat vege!! I really hate eat vege seriously, no matter taste how nice is the vege , how super good skills the chief has, I HATE vege. It's not healthy I know but I feel like anyone I'm still so young, not need care bout health, young is the "principal value" that I have now, scare what la.

But!! Recently I love to eat salads a lot, I would like to try some salads when I go to some caf├ęs, Cz I'm getting fat. =.= the reality is cruel, when I reach 24 I started to realize I hard to slim down, cz of greeting old? wtf I hope I can denied it but this is the FACT!!!

Back to the point, anyway I TRYING MY BEST to fall in love with vege, so I start up with trying to eat salads. I tried smoked chicken salad from Coffeea coffee, potato salad from a cafe in taman desa ( dunno what's the name already) , avocado chicken bla bla bla salad from The Bees, and smoked salmon salad.

So far these are all that I have tried and I love the avocado chicken salad the most!!

(Avocado chicken salad) 

( potato salad)

( smoked chicken salad)

( smoked salmon salad)

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