Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy valentine!!!

2/14 is valentine day as everyone know, honestly I didn't celebrate it officially with my baby cz he is sick. T.T almost like a week, then I started suspect was it dengue or what. But luckily is not, just normal fever.

Just now my baby suddenly come out a question while he was watching drama on my bed, " bie , r u feel my present for u is too cheap? How come u nv post in Instagram as everyone did on 2/14?" Hahaha I'm feel like my baby is toooooo cute. Actually I was taking the ipad and be prepare to take pic on the present at the same time when he asking me that ques.

I was actually too busy in these few days cz need to take care of him.

See!!!!!! See what he gave to me when valentine!!!!! A mini rubbish bin, this is why he feels that I won't post it on insta!!! And he still say " nvm la, the cartoon on the bin just like u, so cute" == 😒😒😒😒😒😒, do u think I will happy ? The reason he gv me this is Becoz I nv keep my rom clean, so he ç”šćżƒè‰Żè‹Š bought me a rubbish bin to remind me must keep my room tidy and clean. Not romantic at all.....haiz but still forgv him since he bought me a chocolate bar which is my fave flavor. Although no flowers but I don mind ( cz I personally think not worth to buy flowers on that day, no offense) , I still happy that u rmb to buy something for me even though u are not feeling well on that day and following days. I love you as always.