Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year !

Hello everyone, now is the mid of Cny, most of the people back to work including myself. I start work on chu 4, so pathetic. Totally lost my working mood u know. But then I had watched a great local movie call 一路有你. I think is a quite nice and meaningful movie talking bout two generation people have different perspective on marriage and having a family. Go watch with my sista and bf on chu 2 night in mid valley.

This is my ootd, lol I force my boy to take this pic for me and it's quite paishe, mid valley cinema is CROWED on that day.

And my sista had give birth about 3 and half months ago, got a baby boy. Damn cute!!! I always pinch and bite him when I see him. It's too CUTE!!

Me and baby boy. Cute right??? Hope he can grow up happily and healthy.