Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello~new colours

Can't believe I have abandoned my blog for so long time. It's all my new job's fault, I'm almost half dying after my work and it's STRESS!! But I found a way to distress it. Hehe spending money to get myself look better. I went to number76 to cut and dye my hair, it took me almost 5 hours sitting there, but It was under my expectation. Just too embarrassed that every time when I dying my hair, I sue need to go for PEE. I dunno why...... Lol.

This is how it looks like, I suppose to dye pink brown but ended up turn to purple cz yoshi San said it will turn to pink after purple fade and can be pretty during cny. So thoughtful. Lol

I love my new hair colour very much cz it's finally got extra colour but not just only brownnnnnn. 

This is how it looks like after I tight up my hair( bad skill) . I promise my hair must take good care for my hair now onwards. Don torture it anymore, like sleep directly after wash hair without drying it. Cz I thought it's not big deal but now i know that I have been killing my hair all these time. 

And one more thing, hehe, finally I know how to use double eye lip sticker!!!! I'm so proud to myself!!!! I'm so scare to use it cz I tried before but I don't think it is work for me. This time is a small success. Hope can stick it better next time. Hahaha

Sry, not so obvious in this pic and I forgot to take a close up pic. That's all for today, night everyone. xoxo